How do I delete groups?

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How do I delete groups?

This library provides the GroupsDelete API that allows you to delete existing Groups.

An instance of the GroupsDelete API is obtained by,

val delete = Contacts(context).groups().delete()

A basic delete

To delete a set of existing groups,

val deleteResult = Contacts(context)

Executing the delete

To execute the delete,


If you want to delete all given groups in a single atomic transaction,


The call to commitInOneTransaction will only succeed if ALL given groups are successfully deleted. If one delete fails, the entire operation will fail and everything will be reverted prior to the delete operation. In contrast, commit allows for some deletes to succeed and some to fail.

Handling the delete result

The commit and commitInOneTransaction functions returns a Result,

To check if all deletes succeeded,

val allDeletesSuccessful = deleteResult.isSuccessful

To check if a particular delete succeeded,

val firstDeleteSuccessful = deleteResult.isSuccessful(group1)

Performing the delete and result processing asynchronously

Deletes are executed when the commit or commitInOneTransaction function is invoked. The work is done in the same thread as the call-site. This may result in a choppy UI.

To perform the work in a different thread, use the Kotlin coroutine extensions provided in the async module. For more info, read How do I use the async module to simplify executing work outside of the UI thread using coroutines?

You may, of course, use other multi-threading libraries or just do it yourself =)

Extensions for Kotlin Flow and RxJava are also in the v1 roadmap.

Performing the delete with permission

Deletes require the android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS permissions. If not granted, the delete will do nothing and return a failed result.

To perform the delete with permission, use the extensions provided in the permissions module. For more info, read How do I use the permissions module to simplify permission handling using coroutines?

You may, of course, use other permission handling libraries or just do it yourself =)

Groups deletion is not supported prior to API 26

Prior to Android 8.0 (Oreo, API 26), group deletion is unpredictable. Groups that are marked for deletion remain in the DB and is still shown in the native Contacts app. Sometimes they do get deleted at some point but the trigger for the actual deletion eludes me.

The native Contacts app (prior to API 26) does NOT support group deletion perhaps because groups syncing isn’t implemented or at least not to the same extent as contacts syncing. Therefore, this library will also not support group deletion for API versions lower than 26.

Read-only Groups

Groups created by the system are typically read-only. You cannot delete them, even if you try! The Contacts Provider typically have the following system groups (for standard Google Accounts),

The above list may vary per account.

The GroupsDelete API will not attempt to delete a read-only group and will simply result in failure.

Group memberships are automatically deleted

When a group is deleted, any membership to that group is deleted automatically by the Contacts Provider.

Deletion is not immediate

Groups are not immediately deleted. However, they are marked for deletion and they do get deleted in the background by the Contacts Provider depending on sync settings.

However, group memberships to those groups marked for deletion are immediately deleted!